Course Details

Player’s Ridge – Created and Designed by Karl Litten, acclaimed Golf Course Architect

North Carolina is known for providing excellent golf course terrain and that’s just what you’ll find at Player’s Ridge located near Hickory, NC.

Player’s Ridge reopened for full play in 2020. The course is a full-length 18-hole course and is built on rolling terrain bordered by hardwoods and evergreens.

You’ll find ample room off the tee, so a driver can be used on most holes. The challenge comes from the uphill, downhill, and side hill lies. The greens also present a challenge due to its uneven terrain.

In an effort to provide the finest putting greens in the area, we used a new strain of grass on our greens. It’s called Sunday Bermuda grass and has a thinner leaf blade than other strains of Bermuda. This allows for a faster and truer putting surface.

The 4th hole is 480 yards from the tips, making it the longest par-4 on the course. While that is challenging for most golfers, the course also features many holes where birdies are a possibility.

The course offers such variety, including the 8th hole which is a challenging green complex and the 11th hole, a narrow but drive-able par-4.

Whatever your skill level, we’re sure you’ll enjoy a fun and entertaining round of golf in Hickory, NC at Player’s Ridge.

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